Welcome to Monologica's official server webstore. You can purchase several items here to enhance your experience, as well as that of others, on the server. We strive to offer engaging packages on our store, without compromising the feel of the server. As such, we will do our best not to "milk" our players- we strive for fair rewards. If you'd like to suggest an edit to our webstore, feel free to use our forums! We'd love to hear your feedback.


When purchasing items from our store, please kindly allow for up to 10 minutes for the payment to process. If you have not received your items by then, or are sure an error occured, feel free to contact us on our forums, or on our community discord. We'll be glad to assist you in any manner that we possibly can.


Purchases on our webstore will go towards the server's upkeep! You can see a breakdown of our expenses here:

Expense Price
Dedicated server hosting $80/mo
Website hosting $10/mo
Domains $30/yr
SSL certificates $10/yr
Webstore fees $33.75/mo
TOTAL: ~$127/mo



Accepted Payment Gateways